About Stratus EEG™

Stratus EEG™ software was created by accomplished neurodiagnostic software and hardware developers, calibrated by world-class neurologists and epileptologists, and evaluated by EEG technologists. As the only true, cloud-based acquisition, monitoring, and review software on the market, Stratus EEG provides users with state-of-the-art technology.

Stratus EEG is ISO 13485, MDR and FSA certified, and HIPAA and GDPR compliant.


Kvikna Medical


Kvikna Medical began Stratus EEG software development in 2008 with a vision to improve EEG data access and useability. Prior to Stratus EEG, the company’s founders were ground-breaking in bringing modern IT technology into the field of EEG. They developed the NicoletOne EEG®, the first system to use Windows® and incorporate digital video. With Stratus EEG, they introduced another new concept to EEG, EEG Cloud Service. Cloud Service eliminates geographical boundaries and improves access to EEG services for those in need. Kvikna Medical and its parent company, Stratus, are proud that Stratus EEG solutions are now being used across the globe. To learn more about Kvikna, visit their website.

A Subsidiary of Stratus

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Stratus is the leading provider of EEG solutions and has served more than 110,000 patients across the U.S. The company offers technology, services, and proprietary software solutions to help neurologists accurately and quickly diagnose their patients with epilepsy and other seizure-like disorders. Additionally, the company’s R&D division holds the world’s largest database of de-identified EEG recordings and is applying machine learning to improve the overall quality and efficiency of EEG testing. To learn more, visit www.stratusneuro.com